Published: 2019-11-06 19:28:18 CET
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Traffic data October 2019

The load factor on Icelandair’s flights was 85.3% in October compared to 80.9% in the same period last year. The total number of Icelandair’s passengers was 341 thousand in October, decreasing by 3% compared with October last year. The total capacity decreased by 13% between years.

The number of passengers to Iceland increased by 16% compared to October last year. This year, the number of passengers to Iceland has increased by 26% with the total number of passengers amounting to over 1.6 million to date. Passengers on the home market from Iceland increased by 15% between years. This increase in the to and from markets is due to the Company’s focus on minimizing the impact of the suspension of the MAX aircraft and changes in the competitive environment in these markets. In line with this shift in focus, the number of via passengers decreased by 24% from October last year.

On-Time Performance in the route network in October increased to 75% from 67% from the same period last year. This was achieved as a result of a number of measures taken to improve On-Time Performance despite the impact of the MAX suspension on the flight schedule.

The number of passengers on domestic and regional flights was around 24 thousand in October, decreasing by 13% compared to the same period last year. The load factor was 74.3%, increasing from 69.2% in October last year. The number of sold block hours in charter flights decreased by 11% and freight increased by 8% compared to the same period last year. The number of sold room nights at Icelandair Hotels was down by 2% with room occupancy at 80.2% compared to 85.1% in the same period last year.

  To market (passengers)153,89916%1,631,76926%
  From market (passengers)57,91115%536,13020%
  Via market (passengers)128,864-24%1,710,844-8%
Total Number of Passengers 340,674-3%3,878,7438%
Load Factor85.3%4.5 ppt82.3%1.1 ppt
Available Seat KM (ASK´000,000)1,214.8-13%14,639.14%
Revenue Passenger KM (RPK´000,000)1,036.8-9%12,047.55%
Stage length (KM)3,049-8%3,122-3%
On-Time-Performance (Arrivals)75.0%7.8 ppt73.0%12.5 ppt
Number of Passengers24,253-13%243,502-12%
Load Factor74.3%5.1 ppt70.4%4.6 ppt
Available Seat KM (ASK´000,000)10.4-18%125.9-21%
Fleet Utilisation100.0%9.1 ppt95.9%3.2 ppt
Sold Block Hours2,337-11%25,139-12%
Freight Tonne KM (FTK´000)11,8718%111,3608%
Available Hotel Room Nights34,7744%369,4626%
Sold Hotel Room Nights27,873-2%302,2656%
Occupancy of Hotel Rooms80.2%-5.0 ppt81.8%0.1 ppt

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