Published: 2019-08-06 13:13:00 CEST
Company Announcement No. 83, 2019 – Addendum to Nordea Kredits final terms
The following security code has been added to the final terms of fixed rate
callable covered mortgage bonds (SDRO):
Callable fixed-rate annuity bond

ISIN code     Nom        Name          Opening  Closing    Maturity   Currency
              interest                 date     date       date

DK0002046176  0.5% 2050  0,5NDASDRO50  08/08    31/08      01/10      DKK
                                       -2019    -2020      -2050

Reference is otherwise made to the attached final terms.
Questions can be directed to Torben Jurlander on phone no. +45 55 47 41 99.
Yours faithfully
Nordea Kredit Realkreditaktieselskab

Addendum to Nordea Kredit´s final terms FINAL TERMS - FIXED RATE CALLABLE - COVERED MORTGAGE BONDS - SDRO.pdf