Published: 2018-09-14 13:29:23 CEST
Fixed Income
Fixed Income

Changes to Nasdaq Clearing Default Funding

Following this week’s default of one member and in order to strengthen our commitment to the Commodity Market and its members, Nasdaq Clearing is implementing a Temporary Junior Capital for the Commodity Market of 200 million SEK (approx. 19 million euro).

This temporary Junior Capital will be added in addition to existing capital in the clearing default waterfall and will be funded by Nasdaq Clearing. This means that the Temporary Junior Capital would be utilized first, before the remaining funds in the existing Commodity Default Fund, illustrated in the graphic attached. Please also note that replenished member funds would be the last tranche to be utilized during the interim period.

The Temporary Junior Capital will remain in place during an interim period of 90 days starting today.


For more information, please contact:

Nasdaq Clearing, Julia Haglind; +46734496506

For media inquiries: 
David Augustsson