Published: 2018-04-18 13:04:56 CEST
Listing and Trading Operations
IT Disturbance

Opening of Nasdaq Nordic Cash Equity markets

Nasdaq Nordic INET markets will follow the below opening procedure.

Trading will start on Site B with an opening auction at CET 14:00 followed by an uncross at CET 14:10 CET. Please observe that existing orders will be cancelled prior to pre-open.

The Danish UCITS segment (DKEQ UTC) will open at CET 14:45.

Affected markets:

Nasdaq Nordic:

  • Nasdaq Stockholm Equity
  • Nasdaq Copenhagen Equity
  • Nasdaq Helsinki Equity
  • Nasdaq Iceland Equity and Fixed income

Nasdaq Baltic:

  • Nasdaq Riga Equity
  • Nasdaq Tallinn Equity
  • Nasdaq Vilnius Equity


For trade and technical questions please contact:

Trade and Technical Support
+ 46 8 405 6410