Published: 2016-05-27 10:19:12 CEST
Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.
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Eimskip makes organizational changes

Eimskip has decided to alter its organizational structure in order to align it to changes in the company’s operational environment and increased international activities. The changes will be effective as from 1 June 2016.

Eimskip has in recent months invested in companies both in Iceland and abroad and therefore it is essential to adapt the company’s structure to new times and increased growth. At the same time as investments are made, it is necessary to secure efficiency of the companies that Eimskip has invested in, by increasing focus on harmonizing the human resource policies and the corporate culture within Eimskip.

The main alteration is the creation of a new division of Human Resources, intended to coordinate the company’s human resource strategy and corporate culture in all countries where Eimskip operates. Human Resources will be managed by Elín Hjálmsdóttir, who will become a member of the Executive Management of the company. 

The executive management of International Operations and Logistics, managed by Bragi Þór Marinósson, will move to the Netherlands in order to follow up on the investments that have been made, along with the ones that are pending. 

The Ship Management will be incorporated into the Finance and Operation. Ásbjörn Skúlason will continue as a managing director of the German company Eimskip & KCie with residence in Germany. Eimskip & KCie is responsible for ship operation, maintenance and renewal of Eimskip’s vessel fleet. 

The Corporate Office will be responsible for legal matters, marketing, communication and events, along with investor relations and integration of projects related to possible investments.

The company will be divided into these five main divisions, managed by the President and CEO, Gylfi Sigfússon:

Finance and Operation where Hilmar Pétur Valgardsson is Executive Vice President. Finance and Operation is responsible for financial management of Eimskip internationally, insurances and properties, operation of information systems, along with ship management which will now be a part of this division.

North Atlantic Container Liner Services where Matthías Matthíasson is Vice President. North Atlantic Container Liner Services is responsible for sales and services related to the container liner services, as well as production management. 

Iceland Domestic Operations and Services where Gudmundur Nikulásson is Vice President. Iceland Domestic Operations and Services is responsible for operation of the domestic system in Iceland, i.e. offices around Iceland and operation of ports and terminals, trucking system, warehouses, cold storage facilities and ferries.

International Operations and Logistics where Bragi Thór Marinósson is Executive Vice President. International Operations and Logistics is responsible for operation of Eimskip companies outside of Iceland and transport services worldwide. Its head office will be located in the Netherlands.

Human Resources where Elín Hjálmsdóttir will become a new Vice President. Human Resources is responsible for strategic planning, execution and follow up on Eimskip’s Human Resource matters worldwide. 

Elín has been working for Eimskip since 2004 and started with matters relating to remuneration and later recruitment. She was appointed manager of Human Resources in 2006 and in 2008 she became senior manager of Human Resources in Iceland. Following organizational changes in 2009 she became senior manager of Human Resources of Eimskip.

Elín received a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration in 2002 and an MBA degree in 2005 from Reykjavik University.

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