Published: 2015-01-09 10:19:37 CET
Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.
Changes board/management/auditors

Eimskip makes organizational changes

Eimskip has decided to alter the organizational chart in order to align its operations to the variable business environment, to be able to better fulfil customers’ requirements and increased focus on ship management.

The Operations and the Sales and Services units will be replaced by the Ship Management and the Transportation Services units.



Ásbjörn Skúlason, former Vice President of Operations, will be the Vice President of Ship Management, responsible for the management of the company‘s fleet, along with chartering and trading of vessels and supervision of new building projects. It is important to put additional focus on this segment of the company since many large projects regarding renewal of the fleet are ahead.

In relation to the organizational changes, Jóhann Steinar Steinarsson will be appointed as Senior Manager with residence in Hamburg, Germany.



Matthías Matthíasson, former Vice President of Sales and Services, will be the Vice President of Transportation Services, responsible for liner sales and services to and from Iceland as before. Additionally, the responsibility of projects relating to production management and bulk transport sale will be added to the unit.

Bulk Transport

Ingvar Sigurdsson will be the Senior Manager of Bulk transport, responsible for bulk transport sales. Many large projects in Iceland are pending and it is important for the company to attend to that development by increasing services related to bulk transport sales and services.

Production Management

Jóhann Helgi Sigurdsson will be the Senior Manager of Production Management, responsible for Eimskip’s production management in the North Atlantic. The main tasks of the department will be to ensure the dependability and effectiveness in the operation of the company’s transporting system.

Liner Sales, Logistic Sales, Registration and Documentation and Customer Services, managed by Brynjar Viggósson, Nanna H. Tómasdóttir, Arndís Aradóttir and Thórunn Marinósdóttir, will form a part of the Transportation Services, but remain unaltered.