Published: 2014-11-03 08:33:28 CET
Lietuvos Dujos
Notification on material event

Regarding the transfer of natural gas supply activity of AB Lietuvos Dujos

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014-11-03 08:33 CET -- In the implementation of requirements of laws, AB Lietuvos Dujos (96, 64% of shares owned by “Lietuvos energija” UAB) completed the unbundling of its natural gas distribution and supply activities. Pursuant to the provisions of the contract on the purchase - sale of Part of Enterprise, on 31 October 2014, AB Lietuvos Dujos transferred and UAB Lietuvos Duju Tiekimas (100% shares owned by “Lietuvos energija”, UAB) took over the Part of Enterprise, i.e. the natural gas supply activity with all assets, rights and obligations attributed thereto.

Starting from 1 November 2014, UAB Lietuvos Duju Tiekimas is engaged in the natural gas supply activity, while AB Lietuvos Dujos conducts the natural gas distribution activity.


Authorized person:
Justinas Stašinskas
Head of Legal Department
tel. (8 5) 236 01 45