Published: 2013-12-09 21:07:42 CET
TrustBuddy AB
Resolutions of extraordinary general meeting

TrustBuddy: Report from the Extraordinary General Meeting

Shareholders in TrustBuddy International AB (publ) ("TrustBuddy" or the "Company") today held its Extraordinary General Meeting whereby the following decisions were taken.


For the full report from the Extraordinary General Meeting, please refer to the Swedish version.

The Meeting decided on a share issue on the following terms. The share capital shall be increased by a maximum 2,140,899.079328 SEK by issuing up to 54,545,454 new shares. Eligible for subscription, with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, be River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP, Edale Capital Partners LLP, Tveteraas Eiendemsselskap A / S, Høgset Holding AS, Arrow Grass Master Fund Ltd. and Arrow Grass Equity Focus Fund Ltd, why oversubscription may not occur. The subscription price is SEK 1.10 per new share. The reason for the deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights is to widen the shareholder base and to obtain expansion capital. The subscription price is determined by negotiation with the subscribers.

The meeting also addressed the issue of warrants on the following terms. A maximum of 40,909,091 warrants are to be issued. Eligible for subscription, with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, to be JAC Invest AS, Cryptononymous AS, Fibi AS, Rugl AS, Bøen Spar AS, Lise og Arnfinn Hejes Fond, TTT AS, Bert AS, ovata Invest AS, Firm Factory AB and TrustBuddy AB why oversubscription may not occur. The warrants shall be issued without charge. Upon full utilization of the warrants, the Company's share capital may increase by a maximum 1,605,674.329121 SEK. Each warrant will entitle the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company at a subscription price of SEK 1.20 and shares, in accordance with the terms of the warrants, may take place from 30 October 2015 until 31 December 2015. The reason for deviating from the shareholders' preferential rights is to enable working capital financing to the Company, to provide lending capital to TrustBuddy AB's credit intermediation, and mitigating the dilutive effects for the great mass of the Company's total number of shareholders. The decision to issue warrants was conditional upon the decision taken on the directed share issue.


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TrustBuddy International AB (publ) is one of the first in the world to focus on arranging loans and capital provision between buddies in Scandinavia in an organised manner. The company is listed at

NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm. Mangold Fondkommission is TrustBuddy International AB (publ)'s Certified Adviser and market maker, phone number: +46 8-503 015 50.