Published: 2013-11-25 09:40:27 CET
TrustBuddy AB
Company Announcement


In appreciation of the transformational move the new investors create for TrustBuddy, the top 10 shareholders have chosen to support the equity transaction with their own shares. Thus, the new investor group will obtain a significant holding in TrustBuddy, of such importance that the interests of TrustBuddy will be aligned the interest of the new investors.

This is the first time since its foundation in 2010 that TrustBuddy brings onboard significant debt/equity anchor investors.  Additionally, this underwriting significantly reduces the dilution effect of the minority shareholders who are not participating in the transaction. As mentioned in yesterday’s press release, minority shareholder ownership will be diluted by 5% (from approx. 33% to 27% in the first share issuance) and when/if all warrants are exercised the dilution will increase by another 3%.


For further information, please contact:

Jens Glasø, CEO, TrustBuddy International AB (publ)

+47 40 40 47 50,


About TrustBuddy International AB (publ)

TrustBuddy International AB (publ) is the first P2P Lending company in the world to go public (on NASDAQ FIRST NORTH in 2011), and is currently the largest P2P Lending company in the world by loan numbers and customer growth. The company is continuously expanding, and is present throughout Scandinavia and in other selected countries in Europe. The company is listed at NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm with the ticker code TBDY. Mangold Fondkommission AB is TrustBuddy International AB (publ)’s Certified Adviser and market maker, contact number: +46 8-503 015 50.