Published: 2010-10-13 10:53:21 CEST
ALK-Abelló - Company Announcement
ALK's new and improved adrenaline pen, JEXT®, approved in Europe
Summary: The European competent authorities for medicinal products have just
approved ALK's new adrenaline pen, JEXT®, for emergency treatment of severe
acute allergic reactions. In the months ahead, ALK expects to launch JEXT® on
the first European markets as a substitute for the company's existing
inlicensed product. 
As announced on 7 October 2010, ALK has developed a new and improved adrenaline
auto-injector called JEXT®. The competent authorities for medicinal products in
17 European countries have just approved JEXT® for the emergency treatment of
severe acute allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) caused by, for example, foods or
bee stings. The approval has been obtained by means of the European
authorities' Decentralised Procedure. Following this approval, the national
authorities will issue formal marketing authorisations. This is expected to
happen in the near future. 

JEXT® is expected to be available on the first European markets on 1 January
2011. ALK holds the global product rights and is planning to expand its
geographical presence with adrenaline products considerably. Furthermore, with
the introduction of JEXT®, ALK expects to improve the company's gross margin
and substantially improve earnings from the business area within the next few

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