Published: 2010-02-16 08:34:10 CET
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Seniors use mobile phones more, but are still reserved when it comes to adopting new technologies
Press release                                                                   
Lund, 16/02/2010                                                                

A new international survey from Synovate reveals that:                          
Seniors use mobile phones more, but are still reserved when it comes to adopting
new technologies                                                                

Today Doro presents the findings from a new international survey*, conducted by 
the market research company Synovate, on the attitudes and habits of senior     
usage of mobile phones and new technology. The survey reveals that as many as   
71% of seniors in USA, Germany, UK, France and Sweden have access to a mobile   
phone, but 42% still feel intimidated and hesitant of new technology.           

The 2000 people interviewed were all 65 or older and were a representative      
selection of each country's total age group. The survey reveals that the use of 
mobile phones is continuing to increase among seniors. Seniors stated that they 
use their mobile phone mostly to make calls (82%) and secondly for text messages

“Many seniors experience difficulties when handling technical products due to   
problems relating to sight, hearing, poor mobility and indeed limited dexterity.
At Doro we believe that seniors will call and use services to a much greater    
extent as soon as they possess a mobile phone developed with their needs in     
mind,” says Kjell Reidar Mydske Marketing and Sales Director at Doro.           

Just as the rest of us, seniors differ from each other - the survey shows great 
differences between the countries, age groups and social background. There are  
interesting differences between the 65-74 and 75+ age groups. Nearly 90% of     
those in the age group 65-74 have a mobile phone, while only two-thirds of those
in the age group 75+ have one. There are also big differences between the       
countries. The USA are in the front line (65%) when it comes to having a        
positive attitude to new technology, closely followed by Sweden (62 %), Germany 
(62%) and UK (44 %). The French, on the other hand, have a more considered      
approach to new technology (39%).                                               

Over a period of 90 years, average life expectancy in Europe has risen from 55  
to just over 80 and the senior population is therefore sharply increasing. New  
technology is just one way of helping to improve our quality-of-life during     
senior years.                                                                   

“The long term goal when developing a range of mobile phones specifically for   
seniors is to improve quality of their lives and encourage social engagement -  
this ensures that the individual retains a support network of family and        
friends. Furthermore, we want to make it easy for everyone to use modern        
technologies.” says Jérôme Arnaud, CEO of Doro.                                 

Doro will be at MWC - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for the first time from
15-18 February 2010.                                                            
* The survey was conducted with nationally representative telephone interviews  
in each country USA, Germany, UK, France and Sweden. The 2000 people interviewed
in the survey were all 65 or older and were a representative selection of each  
country's total age group. The interviews were conducted by phone between       
January and February 2010.                                                      

For further information on the survey, please contact:                          
Jérôme Arnaud, CEO of Doro, phone +33 1 30 07 17 01                             
Kjell Reidar Mydske, Marketing and Sales Director, phone +47 90 73 84 79        

Did you know that…?                                                             
518,000,000 people in the world are 65 or older. The costs of pensions and      
health care in Europe are expected to triple by 2050.                           
Within ten years, the group of people 65 and older is expected to make up 25% of
the total population.                                                         
Approximately 1.2 million Swedes and a total of approximately 37 million EU     
citizens (10% of the population) have some form of functional impairment.       
Functional disorders such as reduced vision, hearing, mobility and memory affect
the lives of as many as 45% of all people aged 75 and older.                    
Nearly 20% of men and nearly all women aged 75-84 have problems carrying or     
grasping things.                                                                

Source: Statistics on the elderly (Äldrestatistik) June 2008, Swedish Institute 
of Assistive Technology (Hjälpmedelsinstitutet). Ageing Well in the Information 
Society, 2007, Commission of the European Communities; 2007 Annual Report of the
Swedish Association of Hard of Hearing People (HRF Årsrapport 2007); Guidelines 
for development programmes - technology for the elderly (Riktlinjer för         
utvecklingsprogram - Teknik för alder), 2007, Swedish Ministry of Health and    
Social Affairs (Socialdepartementet); Technical aids and adapting homes         
(Tekniska hjälpmedel och bostadsanpassning), 2007, Swedish Institute of         
Assistive Technology (Hjälpmedelsinstitutet).

About Doro
Doro is a Swedish company focusing on the development, marketing and sales of
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more than 30 countries on 5 continents, Doro is the world's leading brand for
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recent years our products have received several highly distinguished
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