Published: 2009-04-16 09:57:04 CEST
Diamyd Medical AB - Company Announcement
Diamyd discussing potential consolidation of Phase III trials
Press Release, April 16, 2009                                                   
Diamyd Medical is conducting two clinical Phase III trials of the Diamyd®       
diabetes vaccine in children and adolescents with recent onset type 1 diabetes: 
one in the US and one in nine European countries. In parallel the company is    
discussing with the regulatory agencies about combining the two trials into one 
global trial.                                                                   

In addition to reducing costs, combining the trials would mean that countries   
with the fastest rate of patient recruitment could contribute to the greatest   
extent. The Phase III program encompasses ten countries: Italy, Finland, France,
the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, the UK, Sweden, Germany and the US. The plan  
is for the global trial to serve as the basis for market approval in both Europe
and the US. Diamyd Medical's continued intention is to report Phase III data    
during the fourth quarter of 2010.                                              

Patient recruitment is growing sharply at present, as more clinics are being    
added. There are currently 74 active recruiting clinics in the US and Europe, 34
of which have joined since the beginning of the year.                           

“We estimate that the expanded number of clinics will enable us to screen 100   
children and adolescents in April,” says Elisabeth Lindner, President and CEO of
Diamyd Medical.                                                                 

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Elisabeth Lindner, President and CEO Diamyd Medical AB (publ.)                  
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About Diamyd Medical                                                            
Diamyd Medical is a Swedish biopharmaceutical company focusing on the           
development of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of autoimmune diabetes and its 
complications. The company's most advanced project is the GAD-based drug Diamyd®
for type 1 diabetes. Phase III trials for this drug are in progress in both the 
US and Europe. In addition, the Company has initiated clinical studies in the US
in the area of chronic pain, using its Nerve Targeting Drug Delivery System. The
Company has also out-licensed the use of GAD for the treatment of Parkinson's   

Diamyd Medical has offices in Sweden and in the US. Shares are listed on the OMX
Stockholm Nordic Exchange (ticker: DIAM B) and on OTCQX in the US (ticker:      
DMYDY) administered by the Pink Sheets and the Bank of New York (PAL). Further  
information is available on the company's website;              

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Act, the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act, or the requirements stated  
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