Published: 2008-08-15 13:30:00 CEST
Componenta Corporation - Company Announcement
Etra Invest's holding in Componenta exceeds 30%
Etra Invest's holding in Componenta exceeds 30% 

Componenta Corporation has received the following statement dated 15 August 2008
from Etra Invest Oy concerning a change in its shareholding:"Notification of
change of shareholding in accordance with section 9 of chapter 
2 of the Securities Market Act.

Etra Invest Oy's share of the voting rights and share capital of Componenta
Corporation has exceeded thirty (30) per cent with a share transaction concluded
14 August 2008.  

In accordance with section 9 of chapter 2 of the Securities Market Act, we
announce to the Financial Supervision and Componenta Corporation the following:

1) Target company: Componenta Corporation

2) Date on which shareholding has changed: 14 August 2008

3) Exact share of voting rights and share capital in Componenta Corporation:
	No. of shares	Share of share capital	Share of voting rights
Shares	 3.174.433	29.01 %	29.01 %
Convertible capital notes	    185.000	  1.69 %	  1.69 %
Total	 3.359.433	30.70 %	30.70 %

4) Full name of shareholder and trade register number: Etra Invest Oy, Trade
Register Number 0672234-6

Helsinki 15 August 2008
Etra Invest Oy"

Componenta Corporation has a total of 10 943 698 shares.

Helsinki, 15 August 2008


Heikki Lehtonen
President and CEO

Further information:

Heikki Lehtonen			Mika Hassinen
President and CEO			CFO
tel. +358 10 403 00			tel. +358 10 403 00
Componenta is a metal sector company with international operations and
production plants located in Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands and Sweden. The
net sales of Componenta were EUR 635 million in 2007. The Group employs about
5,100 people. Componenta's shares are quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange in
Helsinki. Componenta specializes in supplying cast and machined components and
total solutions made of them to its global customers who are manufacturers of
vehicles, machines and equipment.  
Componenta  Corporation 
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FI-00610 Helsinki , Finland
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